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You can now register to receive a Soul Healing Miracle Blessing for yourself or your loved ones!

As a Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative of  Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, I have been given the ability to offer Soul Healing Miracle Blessings. The Soul Healing Miracle Blessing is an extremely powerful blessing. Students in our Soul Power Group in Portland who have 3rd eye vision have shared of the enormity of this blessing and its healing and transformative nature.

A Soul Healing Miracle Blessing includes: 
  • Karma cleansing and removal of soul, mind, and body blockages for the one organ, system, or condition
  • A special light wall is put in place to cover the recipient, which adds a layer of protection
  • Soul, mind, body transplants are given for your request
  • Plus much much more!
Soul Healing Miracle Blessing from Master Roger
Honoring Fee $500.

If you want to honor for this blessing with a bank account or debit card,
you will want to use the orange Pay Now button above.

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If you are using a credit card to honor for the blessing, you will use the green Buy Now button above.

Once you honor for the blessing you will need to return to this page. Please email me using the Contact Me section (to the right) and be sure to include your request. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Master Roger

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