About Master Roger Givens

I became a Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative of Master Zhi Gang Sha to accomplish my life’s mission, which is to serve the Divine, the Tao, and all humanity.

I met Master Sha on May 31, 2005 during a trip to the San Francisco bay area to see my cardiologist for my annual check-up. I had a five-vessel heart bypass surgery seven years earlier, and had been experiencing heart-related symptoms again. While at the seminar, Master Sha asked if anyone had cancer and I raised my hand.  Master Sha performed a Soul Operation on me to remove the blockages in my body. I felt great, and following a stress test a few days later, my doctor said my heart never looked better.  The pre-cancerous spots around my mouth were gone within two weeks.  I had a lymphoma removed just before meeting Master Sha and even though the Doctor said the tests showed he didn’t get it all, it has never returned.

Grateful, for the Divine saving my life through Master Sha, I studied with Master Sha and became a Worldwide Representative and Disciple of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, and a Divine and Tao Channel.  As a Certified Divine Direct Soul Communicator I have the rare ability to provide soul readings and guidance on any aspect of life when I read from the Akashic Records.  Master Sha has given me the authority to do Divine Karma Cleansing associated with a condition or illness; Divine Downloads for a specific condition, organ or part of the body, Divine and Tao Crown Chakra Blessing and Divine Miracle Healing.

I was personally trained by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha to teach you soul secrets, deep wisdom, knowledge and practices that you can apply to heal yourself, others and transform every aspect of your life. 

I have taught workshops to certify Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers; Soul Teachers and Healers, Master Teachers and Healers.  I also teach various workshops such as How to Open Your Spiritual Channels in Portland, Oregon.

Being a Worldwide Representative of Master Sha has completely transformed my life for the better.  I am enjoying being on my spiritual journey with Master Sha and all of my fellow students.


  1. I am honored and blessed to be a part of Master Sha's Portland, Oregon Soul Power Group and so fortunate to have Master Roger Givens leading every Thursday night. If he is offering a workshop, I am there to receive wisdom, knowledge and blessings. I have received many Divine and Tao Crown Chakra blessings, and also a Soul Healing Miracle Blessing. My life is completely transformed, including health, relationships, finances and my spiritual journey. Since this is my year of body purification, my next Soul Healing Miracle Blessing will be for weight loss offered by Master Roger. I can't wait!

  2. Awesome! I need motivation to workout more. I am glad to be able to follow your blog to keep my mind disciplined to be healthy and fit :)

  3. I attend Master Roger's Soul Power Group gathering at Opening to Life Studio every Thursday evening (info on twitter@soulpoweroregon) Besides Master Sha, himself, I have never met such a humble, kind man. He has such unconditional compassion, commitment and love for all of His students.